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About us

MMA is a full-service, entertainment marketing and creative branding agency.

Beginning as an experiential brand ambassador and marketing consultant for the likes of Motorola, MOCA, Quiksilver and Xbox Live, MMA truly came of age during a media renaissance in a torrent of new marketing possibilities.

We draw from boundless creative resources merging leading corporate brands with their dream demographics by building relationships with today's foremost entertainers, artists and musicians. The development of fresh, multi-faceted, culturally nimble brand campaigns takes collaboration, innovation and a certain kind of moxie.

We are focused on redefining techniques, radical innovations and non-traditional approaches to branding. With intuition and insight we audit the current marketplace and forecast the coming mood of the consumer.

MMA can identify the discord between a company's original intention and its current marketing efforts, and re-focus the brand's identity to captivate the public's eye. We craft experiential campaigns inside a brand's culture so that it shares the brand's value in qualitative terms.

Our commitment is to enhance and purify a brand's DNA through the cultivation of a tangible consumer experience with that brand.

Through live production, media direction, creative content development and entertainment consulting we take a 360° approach, stepping over the clutter of a frenzied marketplace and making a personal connection with the consumer. MMA defines and disseminates brand DNA by accelerating the relationship between global and personal impact.

Our palette of interests reflects our eclectic tastes and our indiscriminate love of all things cultural, iconic and independent.

What makes us feel safe? What makes us feel challenged? What surprises us? What delights us? These are the questions we explore... How can we create an experience that will communicate emotionally? These are the question we adore.

We start and end every day with the same question:
"what if we...?"

Our clients

213 Ventures
Alps Vodka
American Film Institute Film Fest
American Apparel
Ben Sherman
Capitol Records
Dimmak Records
Epitaph Records
Excel Sports Management
Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Lovers
Good Magazine
Fader Magazine
Filter Magazine
Interscope Records
Indie 103.1 FM
Jerry Leigh Apparel
LA Fashion District
Los Angeles Magazine
Maxim Magazine
Miss Sixty
Motorla Inc.
Museum of Contemporary Art
Orange County Museum of Art
Otis College
Paper Magazine
Paul Frank
Paramor Estate
Paramount Studios
Nakijima USA
Quiksilver Inc.
Red Bull
Rich Soil
Royal Elastic
Silver Lining Silverlake
Sony Picture Classic
Studio Canal
Swindle Magazine
Tony Hawk
Universal Music
Warner Bros. Live Concert Series